Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's incredible to think about how much each person's idea of reality varies. We are all born into a relatively small bubble of people. They all have their own idea of the world that they have created from what they have been taught and what they have experienced. As a child, you begin creating yours. It is ever expanding and evolving (at least for most of us). It really bothers me that most people view their little sample of life, or their perception of reality, as the absolute truth. This leads to ignorance and close-mindedness. So many things don't make sense and haven't been answered. How can you seal up your idea of reality when there are so many existential questions that will probably never be truly answered for you? Like what is it to be? And how the universe have an end? or how can the universe not have an end? These sort of questions made me let go of religion. That's sort of besides the point though. What I'm trying to say is I get angry when people aren't tolerant of other people (am I being a hypocrite right now..?) because we are born into what we are born into and it is inevitable that we will be very influenced be the the "bubble" of people we are around growing up.

  I do not know if we have free will, but if we do it's limited. Think about a suicide bomber. They are so sincerely convinced that they know the will of God that they are willing to give up their life. Like everyone, they were born into some small bubble of people and they started to base their idea of reality and their ideo of "right and wrong" from what they were taught and what they experienced... all of these things so different from what we have experienced and been taught. If they were born under different circumstances it is really unlikely they would be the same...but i guess I'll save my nature vs. nurture post for another time. My idea of reality has changed a lot the past two years. It's not concrete anymore... I let unresolved questions float around in my mind and they don't give me the existential anxiety that they used to. In fact, I have learned to embrace them and look at the cosmos in awe.

The music video is Bluish by Animal Collective. And the artwork is by Francis Bacon.

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  1. i used i ask those questions. it's quite a scary thought. but i love this post! i look forward to seeing more of your postings..